Maintain ADA compliance through remediation, automation & maintenance.

Automated A11y Reporting A, AA, & AAA WCAG 2.1 testing that recurs as often as necessary and alerts you to issues immediately.

Products & Services

With 19 years of experience in ADA compliance, website, and web-application build and maintenance, our team understands the needs of organizations large and small. The WCAG 2.1 Guidelines and how they relate to ADA, ACAA, OCR, AODA, Section 508, and other compliance requirements are often overwhelming and confusing. Our tools and services help you quickly diagnose the issues and rapidly resolve them.

Remediation Process

Our team of developers, designers, & project managers will help resolve issues immediately.

Consult & Resolve
Maintain Compliance
Diagnose If you’ve run a report and found some issues or received a demand letter and need help now, we will review your site and help produce a list of items to be resolved.
Quote Our team produces a flat fee quote to resolve issues as often as possible. Once the quote is approved, we sign an NDA. After obtaining the system credentials, we will begin processing your site.
Consult & Resolve As our development team completes the project, we will consult with your team and make recommendations on how to keep ADA compliance issues from arising in the future.
Maintain & Compliance Multiple times per month your website will be automatically scanned to reassess issues and deliver recommendations. We can also just ‘fix it’ as issues arise as part of a retainer agreement so you don’t have to worry about it.

Affordable Solutions

Ongoing Maintenance

If you need maintenance and a team to ensure your systems remain compliant on an ongoing basis, we can establish a managed services contract to ensure compliance across your digital infrastructure.

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