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The price is based on the size of your website and specifically on the number of pages.


The Remediation Process is straightforward and produces a flat fee quote prior to starting the project. Once we have a quote for you, an NDA in place, and access to your system, we can begin work resolving the issues on your website.

After completing this process, we will fix the problems, make recommendations for training as well as prepare upgrades to your system to ensure long-term compliance.

ADA Compliance Testing
Software Pricing
Price Calculator

Number of Pages To Be Scanned Cost
5 (Page Scans) $0.00/Monthly
100 (Page Scans) $20.00/Monthly
500 (Page Scans) $40.00/Monthly
1,000 (Page Scans) $65.00/Monthly
2,500 (Page Scans) $120.00/Monthly
5,000 (Page Scans) $220.00/Monthly
10,000 (Page Scans) $410.00/Monthly
25,000 (Page Scans) $515.00/Monthly
50,000 (Page Scans) $825.00/Monthly
100,000 (Page Scans) $1,250.00/Monthly
+100,000 (Page Scans) Give us a call!

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