Actionable & Automated ADA Compliance & Systems Testing

ADA Compliance is just the first aspect of systems testing. You need to know if your web services are secure, compliant, and have acceptable levels of quality assurance. The ADA Compliance Testing automated tools check and inform you of failures within your system as soon as they happen.

Simple To Start, Easy To Run

ADA Compliance

The ADA Compliance tool gives you a complete picture of the ADA compliance levels (A, AA, AAA) for your digital infrastructure. The tool gives you a page by page, line by line description of issues, and enables you to ignore irrelevant items.

Over time, things will change on your website, and our tool enables you to see modifications for every page and every issue.

Security Checks

A TLS certificate (previously known as an SSL certificate) is a critical part of your system and impacts your users and your search engine placement. The ADA Compliance Testing tool keeps you up to date on your certificate and informs you when it is no longer valid.

Keep safe, keep your users data secure, and make sure you don’t have failures that can be easily prevented with the security check system.

Broken Links

The internet changes every second, and links that used to work for your users will lead to broken pages, files that no longer exist, and maybe even infected websites. The broken link checker gives you a list of broken links coming in and going out of your website.

As with all of our services, we can either provide you the resources to find these issues or fix them for you.

Find & Fix Misspellings

Misspellings make you look unprofessional and can confuse your audience. Find and fix misspellings with the system spellcheck tool. This tool insures content quality across your website.

The system enables you to ignore commonly used abbreviations and scientific or industry specific words that may not apply to a common dictionary so they don’t show up in your list of misspelled words.

Uptime & Downtime Monitoring

As soon as your website or infrastructure goes down or starts showing issues, the ADA Compliance tool will notify you. You’ll get an email with downtime notifications, detailing the time off-line, and more to keep you aware of your systems status.

Reminders & Notifications

All system features have reminders, notifications and more built-in. We send out a weekly email with updates on all items and an immediate notification if your website goes down.


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