Get your website compliant ASAP.

Whether you are thinking ahead or already received a demand letter, you need to get your digital presence compliance issues resolved quickly. After an analysis is complete, we will produce a flat fee quote and work with your team on resolving issues.

Remediation Process

1. Diagnose

Once we know the issues, we can start fixing them. Our first step is to do a review with our automated testing tool to understand the depth of the problem.

The automated compliance testing system will give us a deep dive into compliance issues. But the compliance guidelines are exactly that, guidelines. So after the initial diagnosis has been completed, a trained developer will take a look at the system and review it manually as well. This will give us a final list of recommendations and changes to be made.

2. Quote

Once we have the list of recommended changes, we will sign an NDA with your company and request access to your Content Management System (CMS). We will consult with your team, ask questions about the system, and create a scope of work.

With our scope of work created, we will produce a flat fee quote to complete all issues. So long as the scope of work does not change, neither will the price of the project.

3. Consult & Resolve

Our team will do an in-depth review of your report and create a list of recommendations and immediate fixes. After all, not all issues need to be fixed. Sometimes elements causing issues can be ignored. Other times they should be removed all together. But these are business decisions, so we make recommendations, but you have the final call.

After a final list has been compiled from our interaction, we will get to work resolving issues and implementing fixes. When we’re done, we will inform you of all the changes made, and work with your team to help determine best practices to ensure the don’t happen again.

4. Maintain

The immediate issues have been resolved, but your digital infrastructure often changes. It is critical to ensure your team has the training to know what to do, or better yet, your system has automated tools that enforce compliance all the time.

We will work with your team to implement both automated tools, ongoing testing, and training to ensure your site is always in compliance.